Evolution explained…

This series of short articles explains the science behind fascinating and important recent discoveries in the field of evolutionary biology. The articles are designed for anyone who has studied (or is studying) biology at secondary/high school level or beyond – expert knowledge not required! Glossaries covering key technical terms are included, as well as links to the scientific papers for those who want to learn more.

All articles are written by MSc Science Communication student Megan Widdows.

DNA and Gene Expression – how they make us who we are 
How does our early life affect the way we age? 
Genetic bottlenecks and the Founder effect in the Woolly Mammoth
Friend or foe? Can parasites ever be helpful?
Thinking about antibiotic resistance from a new angle: the effect of dosage
Have diets across the animal kingdom changed over time?
Solving the mystery of increasing seed sizes
Goldilocks and the three levels of immune response: how good bacteria survive
The immune system and aging: a newly discovered role 
War between species: the evolution of matched weaponry