Open Call for Contributors: Special Issue “Adaptation to Climate Change” to appear in Evolution Letters

We are currently deep in the throes of a rapidly changing climate. Species and communities are negatively impacted at an alarming rate, therefore understanding the potential role of adaptation in mitigating the impact of climate change is both necessary and timely. Although responses to climate change are often attributed to phenotypic plasticity, examples demonstrating genetic/genomic changes are now being documented as well, including in wild populations. Shedding light on these responses and their underlying mechanisms will allow for a better and more general understanding of the pace and limits of evolutionary adaptation to climate change. With a deeper understanding we can better predict when and how responses to climate change might contribute to the rescue of threatened populations and what factors may prevent such responses taking place.

This Special Issue will focus on: 1) the complementarity and genetic/epigenetic bases of adaptive responses with papers presenting some striking examples of response to climate change, and 2) addressing how climate change impacts both selection and evolutionary potential. Contributions are aimed as a cross talk between ecologists and geneticists, empiricists, and modelers; and will propose and/or demonstrate research avenues and analytical approaches in a broad range of organisms, traits, and ecosystems.

Are you interested to contribute with a fairly short but exciting paper? Please submit a proposed abstract by 31 May 2022. Note that manuscripts are to be submitted by 31 July 2022.

Enquiries and proposed abstracts can be sent directly to the Special Issue co-editors:

Celine Teplitsky, CNRS,

Marjo Saastamoinen, University of Helsinki,

Allan Edelsparre, University of Toronto,

Mark Fitzpatrick, University of Toronto,